St. Croix Legend X


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Suits. Ties. Hats for the ladies. No one boarded the plane carrying a bag of McDonald’s®. It was a different time. On the water it was suits. Ties. Hats for both ladies and men. And no one cast to bucketmouths and musky. Well, times have changed. And nobody here is interested in missing the boat, so to speak. Hence the Legend® X series. A multi-dynamic blend of four carbon materials capable of getting big flies out to the meanest predatory fish – bass, pike and musky. Loaded with IPC® and ART,™ it’s the new frontier of fly fishing.


– Blanks built with a multi-dynamic blend of four carbon materials provide dialed-in performance for casting big flies to the meanest predatory fish.
– Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology.
– Advanced Reinforcing Technology™ (ART™).
– Super high-modulus SCVI graphite with FRS in lower section for maximum power and strength with reduced weight.
– High-modulus/high-strain SCV graphite with FRS and carbon-matte scrim for unparalleled strength, durability and sensitivity.
– Premium-quality SCII graphite with FRS in the tip section.
– Slim-profile ferrules.
– Xtreme-Skin handle repels water, dirt and fishslime and cleans up easily. Manufactured by St. Croix to provide outstanding angler -comfort, casting efficiency and sensitivity.
– Anodized, machined-aluminum reel seat.
– Fuji® K Series Tangle-Free stripper guides with Alconite rings.
– REC® Recoil® snake guides.
– Two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.
– Alignment dots.
– Rugged rod case with handle and divided polypropylene liner.
– 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix
– Superstar Service.

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