Three Strikes

Currently the gauge is at 1.89. This height is ideal for those who enjoy fishing the undercut banks with streamers. Flow is 98 Cfs at this level and allows for relatively comfortable wading. Hendricksons are still coming off around 2:30 PM. We’re drifting a CDC Biot Red Quill Emerger #14-18, swinging a Z-Lon Loop Wing Emerger #16-18 and nymphing with Pheasant Tails #14-16 in between hatches.Masemore through York have been the most productive stretches. When faced with undercuts or deadfalls try this method.

On the first pass try dead drifting a weighted streamer behind an indicator. On the second, swing the fly away from the undercut or deadfall without stripping and finally, on the third cast, try stripping the fly away from the bank. What if you do all of this and still come up empty-handed? Don’t take it personally. Fish are great survivors. The fish won’t send you back to the dugout but it may be prudent for you to switch flies or move to another “Fishy” spot and repeat.

Note: A #8-12 Olive or Brown bead head flashabugger is ideal for covering undercuts.