Monthly Archives: June 2003

Caddis, Beetles and Dogs…

Caddis, Beetles and Dogs were found throughout the river yesterday. Get out early to fish Elk Hair Caddis #18, try some beetles mid-day-we have a great hi-vis beetle in the shop that floats like a cork. Flow is 158Cfs, the water temp is 58 F and should warm up a bit and drop in flow by the weekend.

Note: Dogs got you down? Call 800-Parkwatch for leash law violations.

Darn nice if you ask me…

It’s not going to get much better than this. The river is clear, 58 F and is flowing at around 200Cfs. Caddis abound through the afternoon and now would be a good time to dig out the terrestrial box.  I have a date with a Tarpon and wish everyone a great week. Remember that it will be hot and rainy in August so try and get out while the weather is nice.

Confounded Technology

We’ve had two weeks of bad phone lines, the stream gauge is down and we lost power for about two hours this afternoon. So, how’s the Gunpowder holding up?Lots of reports today from folks that drove upwards of three hours to fish the Gunpowder.

Masemore is off-color below the Mill to the Bend. The river is relatively clear at Bunkerhill and Caddis were doing their thing this morning. This weekend would be a great time to fish streamers, (the light bright zonker variety) and skate caddis #16-18. Maesemore was about hip deep today. The pocket water above Falls is always a challenge after a heavy rain but it would be somehow more comforting to see the bottom before stepping in.–Tough fishing but now is your chance to have the Gunpowder all to yourself.

Note: Not a big fish person? –Even small fish take light bright zonkers.

Glad I don’t have a convertible…

Yes, you will probably get wet if you go fishing this week. But will it be worth it? Let’s do the math. Getting a #7 Cheeseburger at the Wagon Wheel, about $5.75. Buying a few spinners for the evening, exactly $7.77. Catching Wild fish thirty minutes from Downtown, priceless…
In spite of the recent rain, the Gunpowder is still dropping and flow is around the mid-200’s as of this morning. With the water temps in the high 60’s F, the city will make a gate change to cool things down a bit. Caddis#14-16 have been working throughout the day. Olives #18-20 are a good bet above Falls Rd. and Sulphurs are not showing up until late afternoon. CDC Sulphur emergers size#16 are working great and we have a new CDC rusty spinner available in the shop that is both tough to see and very effective.

The Sun makes itself known

The water is at a great level-around 326 Cfs and dropping. At this level the river is full to its’ banks and back eddies and edges become very important. Fish will rise in the middle of the flow but are more willing to take a fly along the seams. As bright as it is today a few reminders about fishing shaded areas and wearing dark clothing should not go unnoticed.Caddis have been coming off throughout the day and most are sized #16-18. Try a Slow Water Caddis with a Tan wing and an Olive body. Sulphurs have been happiest in the late afternoon hours-say anytime after 3:00 PM. We’ve been using Biot Emergers sized #16-18, and Sparkle-Duns sized #16. Around 8:00Pm switch to a CDC rusty Spinner in a #16. It is is the last fly you should tie on to fish out the evening. Watch out for those branches!

Note: Biot emergers are very versatile. They can be fished as adults-just add dry shake or as emergers-by casting down and across and swinging the fly.

When will the water go down?

Remember last year? Everyone was fishing the middle of the river because there were no edges, no undercuts, and no log jams with any water around them to create back eddies. Now everytime I see Rocky he tells me that he is building an Ark. When will the water go down?
In short, when it stops raining. But until then just go fishing. Heck the waters pushing hard enough that you could pretend that you’re out West somewhere, but without the black flies.If the high water continues here are a few pointers,
#1.Don’t wade to deep.

#2.Use lots of shot if you’re nymphing.

#3.Use a short leader if you’re fishing a streamer.

#4.Use a long one if you’re fishing dries.

The Gunpowder does drop quicker than our area freestones so I’d give it a shot this weekend, especially if the gauge at Falls Rd dips below 385 Cfs. We had a few folks in this morning fishing above Maesemore with caddis sized #16-18. They did just fine and the water was cooking around 431 Cfs. So, fish when you can and expect that you’ll see lots of water, quite a few fish and yes, the water is still off-color.

Note: Black flies are truly hideous beasts that can wreck an otherwise pleasant outing.

Rep Day with Parker Sterner

This Saturday we’ll welcome Parker Sterner into the shop. He is our area representative from Simms, R.L.Winston, Scientific Anglers, and Action Optics. If you have any products from these companies you already know that they are among the best available on the market. If you’d like to learn more about them bring your questions and show up at the shop between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Parker will be in showing off his wares and signing folks up for a raffle to be held during the day for an undisclosed prize, (think big!!!) and lots of freebies will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

What Gives?

This would have been a good day to call in sick. The river has dropped to a great level. It’s clear, and yes, the Sulphurs are still around. Lots of caddis throughout the day and we’re still hearing reports of olives above Falls Rd.

Rocky is still knocking them out with pheasant tails. SO go fishing and get out whenever you can-It will be 95 F before you know it.The air that is…

Note: Most of the fish I found last evening were along the seams between riffles and flats in skinny water.