Monthly Archives: July 2003

Water has dropped on a cloudy day…

The gauge is hovering around 104Cfs, water is clear, 52 F and clouds are looming. Conditions are ideal for those wary Browns. If we get a little rain in the next few days try san juan worms and big soft-hackled nymphs. Lite-bright zonkers and krystal buggers should work fine. It has been a little on the cool side for terrestrials but ants are a good bet early.

When in doubt use a dropper…

It was great to see some new folks today that are just discovering the Gunpowder. Water remains clear and cold at around 52 F. Fish are looking up at terrestrials and a dropper is suggested-the small green weenies or copper johns should work just fine.A good many Rainbows have been reported in the lower river and there is a great chance that these fish will holdover if they have survived this long.

What weather we are having…

I can’t think of a reason why you should not be fishing right now. Water temp has been between 48-54 F, clarity is excellent and fish have been taking all manner of terrestrials.Try a fur ant sized #18 behind a foam beetle that you can see. Start fishing a little after two and have a few great afternoons out there.

Do the fish know that it is Bastille Day?

If there were any Brown trout named Louis around they’d be Racoon food about now.Enough History.The river was very quiet this morning. The songbirds were doing their thing, and a mallard hen was seen jealously guarding her clutch of eggs. Ella barked at a Leopard frog in some dead wood, sniffed out a big snake under the Bunkerhill bridge abuttment and rolled in a dead something along the stream. She doesn’t smell too bad unless she’s in the front window where it gets a little warm.

The trilling of a cell phone finally broke through all of this beauty. I looked into the stream and observed a high-stick- nymphing-board meeting of sorts.Maybe it’s a Karma thing–I didn’t see one fish brought to hand while this multi-tasking, model -of -efficiency sport was working the water and the other party into a froth.

Note: Next time you go fishing stow your cell phone in the car, it will still be there upon your return.

Christmas in July

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What rain?

The river is in great shape. Abandon all hopes of wet wading.Air temps in the mid 80’s and water temps in the high 50’s will make you wish for Gore-Tex. -Which we have plenty of– Stop by next time you are up and find out what the fuss is all about.  Caddis in the morning followed by a parade of ants, beetles and hoppers in the afternoon, should get you out of the house this weekend.Streamers have been working below the shop and lots of folks have been gearing uo for some much deserved time out West.

Fish love high water…

We had a few people in this weekend actually fishing. Most of the tubers we encountered had beer to spare.Folks that made the hike above Falls Rd were rewarded with less traffic, more scenery and quite a few willing fish.Caddis came off in the early morning hours and the fish settled for a beetle or a hopper by afternoon.Last night we had another epic rainstorm and flow was up from 150Cfs to around 600 Cfs. So, we have spillover- water coming over the top of the dam and the surface water might warm the river up from around 58 F this weekend to the mid-60’s if it continues. When the flow is above 385Cfs we generally like to give it a day or two to settle down. With warmer water temps if the river drops we should see some hyperactive fish by the weekend-heck they probably needed a break anyway.

Have a safe 4th.

Fish were on top today chasing bottle rockets.San juans are great after a rain and we saw some nice recent pics of Rainbows released above Falls. Count on a flotilla this weekend but keep in mind most of those folks don’t hit the water until noon.The shop will be open from 10 till 4 PM on the 4th. Stop on by and let us know how you are fishing.Water is beautiful, try some caddis in the morning and have a great weekend.