Chance of rain till September…

The water has not looked better all Summer. Flow is around 100Cfs but may bump up after it rains.Water temp is 53F. Is the fishing better this year? -With reports of lots of 10-14″ fish caught in the past few weeks I’d say it is on the upswing.We are are certainly not seeing the pressure we saw during drought conditions last year and heck it’s August , so there are a good many people broiling on the beach.

We are just now getting reports of Tricos in the morning between York and Bluemount. -Better have a good alarm clock, most of the activity starts well before 8:00 AM. If you don’t feel like tying on a #22 Trico, try a #16-18 Griffiths Gnat. The ICSI, (I can see it) midges #20-24 are another great summertime searching pattern, especially around back eddies.Fish these behind a hi-vis beetle.Rocky is still using Bead Head Pheasant Tails #14-16. If you must fish hoppers, try fishing them with a little shot through deep pools.

Note: Now is the time to start tying on those 12ft 6 and 7x leaders.