Monthly Archives: September 2003

Another Monday wasted at work…

It’s not too late to call in sick. Already at work? Blame it on the nondescript filling in that pastry you ate on the beltway. The fish are, well, happy. We know this because they’ve been rising steadily throughout the catch and release section, that’s nearly 7 miles of water folks.Pea*****-bodied elk hair caddis, blue winged olives, and small streamers have been tricking those bright wild fish.So get up here soon and if the pastry story doesn’t fly wait until lunchtime and think of the ramifications of eating a sandwich that was put together with post-Isabel mayo.

Bluegills Beware!

The water has dropped steadily since Tuesday night.The river is in great shape. Flow is in the mid-200’s and should drop a bit more by the weekend. On a guide trip yesterday, Jeff Lewatowski watched a monster Brown eat a bluegill. How’s that for streamer action?  Best bets with the water up are heavy patterns like the Whitlock Near Nuff Sculpin in Olive sized #4-8. Bead head pheasant tails have taken their share of fish this season and don’t forget to bring a few hoppers. A #20 BWO tied behind a Cabes Hopper might be just the tonic for the post storm blues.

What are those small flies?

Water has dropped from 144 to 127 Cfs and is clear. Water temp is 53 F. This week we’ve had many reports of folks catching nice fish on small dries. Olives, Caddis and even a banged up Sulphur parachute from June have accounted for some nice fish this week.Start with a #16 caddis and drop down to a #20 BWO-or consider fishing the BWO behind something you can see such as a hi-vis beetle. Pheasant tail nymphs continue to produce and a #16 beadhead should do the trick.

The Harbor Tunnel is still under water…

Sooo, The shop has power. The water is fine, and if you need a shower bring some soap.The water is cold enough you might not need that cup of coffee.

The river is at 150Cfs and dropping. Olives and caddis are still producing.Some just in had a bad case of streamer fever.Wooly buggers size 10 and 12 should work fine.Bigger fish this week reported throughout the river-and they are hungry-won’t you help?

Beautiful day, Eh?

Mighty nice weather happening-at least until Thursday. We’ve already had a few in this morning that called in sick-a few wild fish on the end of their lines should cure them.  Fish were rising just above Falls Rd this morning. A #12 elk hair or #14 stimulator with a #18-#22 BWO behind it has accounted for a bunch of fish this week. Water is clear, around 104 Cfs-a great wading level and about 57 F.

Fat Albert and the Gang

Theaux is bringing a group up to the North Fork Of Long Island to fish for Albacore, Stripers and Blues. This area is much quieter than Harkers and the fish are willing.Capts. Jeff Becker and Jason Dapra will provide the boats and the know how.

Be sure to bring at least a 9 wt. rod.
These fish are strong!
Call the shop for details at 410-329 6821.
Space is limited to 4 anglers

Two for one

This Saturday two fish were caught at the same time by a lucky angler. She was fishing a #12 Stimulator with a #18 BWO as a dropper.

The river is beautiful, water is clear, water temp is 54 F and we are hearing reports of fish being caught on small dries throughout the catch and release section.

September Sale-Discontinued Rods

We have some great rods in the shop priced at 25% off until they are gone.These rods are from R.L.Winston and St.Croix, feature a full warranty, and work just fine. Manufacturers typically change rod offerings in the Fall so now is the time to pick up last years’ wonders on sale. Stop by the shop and treat yourself to a sale rod before they are gone.