Patagonia R1 Flash Pullover Review

Following is a review of the Patagonia R1 pullover by Gary Corriero. Thanks Gary!

The Gunpowder is a productive river even in the dead of winter. Stonefly nymphs and the right color midge have worked for me from December through March. The problems most of us “winter” people face are the cold and wind. The R1 Pullover, worn in conjunction with the fleece pants and the appropriate socks, will add HOURS to your ability to stay in water. They are both warm and comfortable. The only issue you may run into is “overdressing”. This gear is so functional that you will need to experiment a few times to determine how many less garments you will need to wear. I was on the GP about three weeks ago when the windchill was around 10 degrees and I fished comfortably for hours. For winter and early spring conditions I consider this stuff essential gear, as important as your flyrod and reel.

Gary Corriero