Stoneflies anyone?

Where are they?
Was the most asked question in the shop this weekend. Water temps were still on the low side of 40 F and Falls Rd. through Masemore was very busy by mid-morning and some early birds were off the water by 10:30 or so. Fish are still midging and a cream cdc midge emerger in a #20 or #22 behind a #14 stonefly is still my pick. If the water warms up through the week, try those stones again in the riffles and sunny flats. In the morning, start out with a #16 bead head prince or zug bug before switching to a dry. With rain on the way, a wooly bugger or san juan dead-drifted along the deadfalls and logjams is a sure bet.

Note: When fishing two flies in tandem pinch the barbs down on both or bad things will happen…