Winston Boron IIX 4 Piece Rods Review

The following is a review of the Winston Boron IIX 4 Piece Rod by Michael Maas. Thanks Michael!

I just purchased the Winston Boron IIx so I can only offer my first impressions on the rod. The first thing that I noticed about the Winston Boron IIx was the weight, or rather the lack thereof — the 8 wt weighs less than my trout rods. However, despite being incredibly light, this rod does not sacrifice backbone, being able to handle a tremendous amount of line with very little effort. Even long casts with a heavy bass bug were made with very little difficulty, despite the fact that the bass pond where I first cast the rod had a shoreline overgrown with tall weeds and short bushes necessitating that I cast with the rod shoulder high. Normally with an eight weight I would find this to be a little fatiguing after while, however because of the lightness of the rod and the fact that I just didn’t have to put as much in forecast as I do with other rods, I found that I could make repeated casts without muscle fatiguing. This is a very fast rod, however it doesn’t feel stiff or insensitive when casting. If you’re looking for a new rod the Boron IIx is definitely worth a test cast.

Michael Maas