Closed on the 4th…open on the 5th

The shop that is-the river will be open all weekend. Flow is around 109 Cfs and water temps are in the low 60’s. The river appears low to folks that have grown accustomed to higher flows this year but it is still in great shape.The water is gin clear so longer leaders, (start with a 12 foot 6x) are suggested. Fishing with big attractors has slowed a bit and we’re back to fishing lots of ants in a #18 and Japanese beetles in a #12-14. Sulphurs havebeen infrequent at best so try a smaller pattern, (#18-22) towards dusk in the flat water between Falls Rd. and Bunkerhill.Streamers are a good bet in the lower Catch and Release section from Bunkerhill through Big Falls Rd. This section is typically less crowded on a holiday weekend and worth a shot if you don’t mind getting away from the parking lots.

Note: The shop will be closed on the 4th and will be open on the 5th. Have a safe holiday!