Stream Restoration Project in the Works……

The weathermen are doing a hat dance today.Over the weekend, many folks shared their concerns about the damage that occured after Wednesdays’ storm. Masemore access was hit the hardest The dam between the Mill House and the Mill Pond Cottage that held Bush Cabin Run back blew out. We also lost the wooden footbridge just down from the parking lot. The bridge decking is still largely intact and might be salvageable. Sounds like a great opportunity for a stream restoration project eh?

In the short term, utilizing silt fences and getting the O.K. for an aggresive planting program to reestablish a riparian buffer along Bush Cabin Run will help to manage the new influx of silt that was formerly held back by the dam.

I’ll be talking to the State and City today about a timeline and feasability for rebuilding the Mill Pond Dam, and the footbridge. I will keep you posted on any progress on these fronts…

We are now accepting donations for these projects in the shop.

If anyone out there is interested in volunteering time, energy and sweat during the “rebuild” please drop us a line at

Note: Bunkerhill was also “hit hard” and will be the next access point along the river that will warrant our attention.