Ice effects?

“Data values reported on these pages may be significantly higher or lower than actual streamflow.” so says the USGS, so until we get an updated advisory we’ll be checking out flows the old fashioned way. For those of you unfamiliar with the old gauge, it is located on a picnic table sized rock along the North Bank of the river in a very nice pool just downstream of the Falls Rd bridge.

Fish can often be seen midging during the Winter months in this pool and several photos of it and John Lambdin appear in our photo gallery. The old gauge gives a stick height measurement that we’ll plug in to the USGS historical flow table to keep the report as accurate as possible.

The water temps have been in the low 40’s and the river is clear. Dry fly fishing has been tough, but soft hackles such as a #14 Orange Butt or #16 Partridge and Olive fished down and across, and large streamers, (#8 Olive Wooly Buggers and #6 Lite-Bright Zonkers) either slow stripped or dead-drifted through deep runs have been effective.

Note: The weather should break by Thursday . The shop will be open from 10 till 4PM on Saturday January 1, 2005.

Ring in the new year on the water!!!