Spikes in!

It’s time to put those spikes in! It’s not hard to get to the river yet, so give it a try if you are dressed for it. River temp is 41 F, and flow is at 164 Cfs way down from last week and at a great level for nymphing red butts and orange butts in riffles and fishing large streamers including muddlers and small clousers along the cut banks.We had a few fisherman out today enjoying the quiet that comes with Winter fishing. With snow in the forecast, we have just received “snow flies” that imitate the little black fly we see this time of year in the stretch just below the Dam. A 12 ft 6 to 7x leader really helps to deliver this tiny pattern within range of sipping trout.Take your time along the trails, as some have a little ice underneath the snow, and bring a wading staff along for a little extra support. If it warms up measurably in the next week don’t leave home without a few little black stoneflies sized #14-16.