Waiting game…

At 636 CFs you can bet that there is a fair bit of water spilling over the top of the dam. The river will continue to drop through the week. The water temperature should be up around 45 F by the weekend. If you’re getting out Thursday or Friday of this week, you should see some active fish looking for dries. Backeddies are great spots for a pea***** caddis, little black stones or renegades sizes#14-16. Until then, use plenty of weight and fish muddlers and buggers sizes #8-6 upstream along cut banks and log jams.

Irish Angling

An Irishman fishing one day in Liffey,
Which runs close by Dublin’s great city so fine,
A smart shower of rain falling, Pat, in a jiffey,
Crept under the arch of the bridge with his line.
“That’s never the way to accomplish your wishes,”
cries Dermot, “there never a bite you will get,”
“Sure my honey cries Pat, “don’t you know that the fishes
Will swim under here, to keep out of the wet.”