Solid stream reports …

You’re wasting time if you’re not fishing…The water is clear and the river level is 98Cfs.. and the water should warm up a bit this week-think active fish…Don’t take my word for it…following are more reports from the field From 6/1 Message: Went fishing Tuesday around 2:00. Fish seemed to be keyed in on Sulphurs especially tan colored. Skating the fly at the end of the drift was proving to be deadly. Fished the Sulphur hatch around 8:30 just below the bridge and fish were readily taking parachutes as much as any spinner I cast. Great Fishing. My friend was fly fishing for his first time and caught at least twelve fish with only one type of fly, and I think I caught twice as many but stopped counting before the hatch even started. Thanks for the advice.

From 6/3 Message: Theaux, We have been fishing the Bunkerhill section both up and down from the parking. The sulfur hatch seems to be coming off between 4:30 and 5 and lasting for about an hour minus a thunderstorm. Parachutes in size 16 are the consistent producers. Ants are working while waiting and the caddis (cinnamon body) 16’s are also present.
Paul, Leslie, and Baby Ana

From 6/3 Message: Hi Theaux. I’m not really a numbers guy when it comes to fishing, but how about these numbers from my trip to the upper river Saturday: 100+ trout rising, 20+ landed, 0 other fishermen between 2 and 7 p.m. The Sulphur hatch is in full swing. Where are the fishermen?

From 6/4 Sure Theaux – go ahead and post it. The fish I caught were nice too, including one about 14″. Most of the better fish were in the rocky pocket/pool section of the upper river. They wanted the downstream, tumbling presentation, just like you said.

Note: A 19″ Brown was caught and released last weekend by one of our regulars.