Terrestrials, caddis and midges….

The river is low, clear, and cool at 55 F.
Don’t put your terrestrials away yet. Ants, hoppers and beetles are great searching patterns through the afternoon. We just brought in some wonderful foam & deerhair hoppers and crickets that will float anything short of a sparkplug-sized nymph. Several enthusiastic reports of small caddis coming off mid-morning to early afternoon.Bring up your midges box if you’re planning on fishing after 4 PM. A Renegade or Griffith’s Gnat sized #18-22 should work fine. Long leaders are still the rule , so plan on fishing long,(over 10ft) and light 6x and 7x, especially with the midges.

Note: Lots of WILD fish in the 10-14″ range are waiting for a foam beetle with a pheasant tail dropper rig…