Got clear water?

After two days of soaking rain across Maryland, with some reporting rainfall amounts well over 6″ through Friday and Saturday, the 3 mile stretch between Masemore through Falls Rd to the dam may be the lowest at 55 CFS-that’s LOW folks-and the clearest water you’ll find in the state. You should find fish stacked up in riffles. The overcast weather we’re seeing today really helps when fishing dries. Start out with a small elk hair caddis or x-caddis in a #14-16 and drop a #18-20 Blue wing Olive parachute or loop wing emeger about 12 to 18″ behind it. Streamer fishing just below the feeder creeks can be very effective because the water will be slightly off downstream from these areas. A #8-10 wooly bugger in olive or black should do the trick.

Note: Don’t waste another afternoon inside watching TV–get out and make your own luck.