A 15″ wild brown is thankful….

A 15″ wild brown is thankful that he was caught and then quickly released Wednesday afternoon. The only car in the lot was mine, how’s that for pressure? The lucky angler was new to fishing moving water and his longest cast, including a 10 ft 7x leader was about 20 feet. The fish was in a fast shallow riffle about shin deep and made a bold move downstream after picking up a #14 caddis larvae pattern. I’ll have a nice pic up as soon as I figure out this camera… The water is cool at 49 F and slightly off color- just a hint of green- as the reservoir is still turning over . Flows are low at 55 CFs and fish are in fast riffles and slots. Try attractor nymphs sized #14-18 in the fast water and #8-10 streamers on a dead drift through the pools and log jams.If you’d like to try dries, start with a cream midge in a #20 and fish from Falls RD. upstream.