Perfect Sulphur Weather…

Water levels have been wonderfully stable during the recent rains. Ideal flows of 65CFs to 185 Cfs have been maintained even after heavy local rains. Currently the river is at 105 CFs, is clear and beautiful. Water temps, still in the high 50’s, make for happy fish. #14-16 Sulphur Emergers, Duns, and Spinners, (after 7:00 PM) have been producing. The Sulphur Unusual tied with Snowshoe rabbit has been outstanding this season.We stll have some left-give us a call and we’ll be happy to drop a few in the mail to you.

Fishing pressure has been light after 7:00 PM just as the fishing is picking up. Traditional wets such as a little marryats have been working between hatches. 12 ft 7x leaders will make a difference in the late evening hours.

Note: As the trees leaf out, fish seek out shade-so should you.