Low cool water, lots of fish stacked up…

With the water at 32 CFs expect to cover a good stretch of water before you find fish. That said, the water temperature is still in the high 50’s so the fish are in good shape if a little skittish.Terrestrials and small caddis are still moving fish. Now is a good time to fish the pools and tailouts above Falls Rd. If you find deep runs and undercuts, spend some time trying bead head nymphs and small streamers. Fishing upstream is better with low water conditions so walk the trails down and fish back up.Thanks to Scott for the following stream report.

Hi guys. Fished the upper river twice this week. Even though there weren’t many rising fish, I still had great luck on a big beetle with rubber legs. Caught six fish between 10 and 14 inches without moving my feet at one spot. Had the whole river to myself.

Note: Overcast days are great for fly fishing the Gunpowder Falls.