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Fly Tying for Beginners Feedback

We still have room for a few more in the Stonefly Tying Class this Saturday from 11:00AM till 2:00 PM

Thanks to Jeff for the following feedback after attending the Beginners Tying Class with Jason.

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note thanking you for the tying class on Sat.
There is new appreciation by all who attended for what goes into putting a fly together.
Jason did a great job of teaching. It was a lot of fun, not particularly difficult, but not without a few challenges and room to improve and grow.
This certainly opens up a whole new dimension of the sport. You guys already knew that of course …thanks for sharing it first-hand.
Definitely a good way to spend some time when hitting the water is not feasible.
Came home with several flies that I can say I tied and that look pretty good to me…no doubt the fish will think so too.
Looking forward to doing another one.
Thanks again.


Maryland Trout Unlimited Conservation Fundraiser

Please join TU members and friends for a fun evening of dinner and entertainment to benefit Maryland Trout Unlimited’s conservation programs.

Saturday, December 2, 2006
6-11 PM at Oregon Ridge Park

Bull and Oyster Roast
Open Bar-Beer and Local Maryland Wines
Live and Silent Auction-Fishing and Outdoors Gear, Guided Trips and more…
Games, Raffles and Door Prizes
Tickets are $35 in advance, $40 at the door.
Tables w/10 Seats are $350
Contact Mike Zimmer at 410-882-7572 or

The MDTU Conservation Banquet is the chapters single funding source for conservation programs, stream restoration work, youth and community outreach, Hatch and Match, and the Winter speaker series. Your support is appreciated.

This notice was posted at MDTUs request.

Gunpowder River 17″ Wild Brown on a Scott G2 3wt Fly Rod

The river is low, clear and flowing at 28 Cfs. Water temp is around 54 F. I started this morning at Masemore without a car in sight. A nice morning for it, in fact any morning in November I’m not scraping the windshield is a nice one. Mike picked up a fish in the line pool on a #18 peacock caddis, I had quite a few follows but no takes on #8 Mickey Finn. During low water, we’re casting a little longer, so 12ft 6 and 7x leaders help to keep one from spooking fish. With a relatively warm week ahead, covering the boulder pools above Fallls Rd. with small olives in the #18-22 range would be a good bet. If you’d like to fish in areas with a little more flow, try the Bluemount section downstream towards Monkton with small buggers in sizes #12-8 and stonefly nymphs like a #14-16 Prince.
Eric stopped in this morning to report his biggest fish yet from the Gunpowder, a beautiful wild brown caught last week on a small Olive pattern with his new Scott G2 3wt. The fish measured 17″ and coughed up a 4-5 inch fish while Eric was releasing it. Remember folks, new rods are lucky rods…

Thanksgiving Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder River

A belted Kingfisher showed me a few trout yesterday morning and trilled away without spooking them. With the river at 31 CFs, and the water cooling down to around 50 F, expect to find fish in riffles and edges along flats between York Rd, Bunkerhill, Masemore and above Falls Rd toward the Dam taking small nymphs in the #18-20 range. Watch out for those leaves, they’re fun on a 3wt , but not as much fun as a wild fish.Tiny Olives in the #20-22 range have been spotted most mornings and a nice way to cover water is with a larger #14-16 caddis in front of a BWO parachute dropper in a #20-22 tied with 6x. Happy birthday to Dave Gerhardt, who will be fly fishing Masemore Rd access tomorrow on his 93rd birthday.

Fly Fishing the Gunpowder River During Low Flows…

After a storm that moved fist-sized gravel out of a few feeder creeks and onto Falls Rd, the Gunpowder River is clear and low, at 34 Cfs. Water temps are between 52 and 54 F in the catch and release section and yes, you should be fishing. Clear, low water for the weekend, means that stealth is paramount. Small olives, midge cluster patterns like Renegades and Griffith’s Gnats, and small streamers should work fine. Following is a stream report from Neil and a great question from Bill.
Thanks guys!

The new web site really works well. I fished the Big Gunpowder this weekend. As you know levels are down. I caught several small trout; All in all fishing was good. One can hardly complain, considering that trout are still rising on Dry’s in the middle of November. I may get out there tomorrow. I’ll stop by the shop…


Hi Theaux – It’ll take me a little while to get used to it, but it appears that the new site format gives you more room and flexibility. Will you have a place to
report the current flow rate when the USGS gauge is broken?
Speaking of flow rate, why ~ with all the rain we’ve had ~ are they keeping the valve screwed down so far? All those exposed gravel beds can’t be good for the bugs, can it?


My response:

Thanks for your thoughts. We will still post reports on stream flow when the gauge is broken, but they will be in the new format.
If you have any other suggestions please drop me a line. As far as the flow goes, the city is still waiting for Prettyboy to refill.
I think the bugs will be fine. Insects typically have a good chance of moving as water flow moves up and down as long as they don’t get stranded.
It’s actually safer to have low flows leading up to the spawn, so they fish don’t spawn in areas that might be affected by a further decrease in flow. Following this reasoning,
eggs should not be stranded post spawn if the water is at its lowest now. Low flow this time of year actually benefits the fertilized eggs, and ultimately, the fishery.

Best Regards,

New Scott X2S Fly Rods are in Stock

Check out the new Scott X2S Fly rods four ways.

Stop in the shop and cast the 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt and 10 wt. Nice day for it, eh?

Give our catalog a quick glance.

Read a review from Jason du Pont.


Watch the video and listen to our Scott representative, Ken Lagerveld describe the series.

Casting Day at Backwater Angler Fly Shop with Scott Fly Rod Rep, Ken Lagerveld.

Ed Writes on the NCCTU Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Outing…

In a follow up to my earlier post, Ed writes:

Thanks Alfredo and all for a fun day. Alfredo, your report of ‘a couple of browns’ for me was inaccurate. I ended up with just this one pictured. I believe this is an example of the rare and elusive Eastern Speckled Dwarf Trout. This specimen is full grown, quite a beauty if I do say so myself. Theaux, feel free to use this image in your trophy photo album.

Photo by Ed F

I love to catch fish. But I have to admit, the one place I care the least how many fish I catch is the Gunpowder. Every time I’m there I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. I love it. And although my success was, uh, limited, I felt like I learned a lot. And I intend to do quite a bit of winter fishing there, I know the crowds will start thinning out very soon.

Theaux, thanks for the expertise and the flies, and I’ll see you soon at the shop. Everyone else, it was great meeting and spending a day with you. Alfredo, I have yet to see a fish at Big Hunting, if you want to prove there are indeed fish that live there, give me a call and I’d love to meet you up there.


Hat tip to Ed for his report, picture, and flyfishin’ blog.

Alfredo writes on the NCCTU Gunpowder River Fy Fishing Outing

In a follow up to my earlier post,
Alfredo writes:

Thanks for coming out yesterday on the Gunpowder. As promised (I always keep my word) the weather was perfect, fish were rising, and the company was great.

Time spent with Theaux is always valuable and enjoyable. Thanks for joining us for breakfast at the Wagon Wheel (popular place!), and streamside before we waded off. The packet of flies went above and beyond. Thanks a million.

The water was running at about 35 cfs, and the fish were very spooky in this low flow. Still, everyone caught fish, and had a few more rises and hookups. No monsters were reported. All fish seem to have been standard issue Gunpowder browns — 6-10 inches, beautiful and leapers.

I saw only sporadic insects. I did not catch any, and relied on attractor patterns in the appropriate tiny sizes, but most of the bugs looked like pale tiny caddis or stoneflies. Fish took a variety of flies — Streamers, nymphs and dries. All of mine, 4 total, with a few other rises, were on dries — #18 adams parachute, #22 midges midge. One hit my indicator (yellow #10) and several hit a #14 yellow humpy.

Mark took a fall into rosa bushes sometime before noon. He met Ed and myself at Whale Rock with a bleeding hand, punctured waders, and broken rod. Thankfully, only the rod was broken. This was the first day Mark had used that particular rod, but at least he managed to land a brown on it before his fall.

Mark and I shared my rod after that, landing a couple of browns and getting some heart stopping hits and refusals. One of us would fish, the other would take pictures, spot fish, and watch the fish’s reaction to the drift. This is a great way to learn a stream, by the way, and pick up new techniques from watching the other fisher.

Mark and I started off the stream shortly before 4 p.m., when the air started to cool down, and ran into Ed throwing some beautiful loops in a big pool downstream. If I recall, he had landed a couple of browns. I hope he finished with a nice fish before heading back.

Eric had left a bit earlier, according to a note on Mark’s windshield. He did well downstream of the bridge, hiking clear past Masemore, where we did not run into him. 2 browns, one long distance release (LDR, for the jargon- prone), and a couple of other hits.

James headed upstream of the bridge early on, and Mark and I never caught up with him. James reports that he got back to the car at 4:45, having had some good hits, lost a few, and landed a couple. He did not get to the dam, but almost.

By the way, Backwater Angler, Theaux’s shop has a new look to its website . Looks good, Theaux.

Thanks again for participating, thanks especially to Theaux. I hope to see you all soon.

Alfredo .

NCCTU Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Outing…

Even with quite a bit of rain this weekend, the river in the catch and release section remained low and clear at 35 Cfs A nice report of a 15″ brown caught yesterday on a #12 goddard caddis was music to our ears.Water temps are still in the low 50’s, most of the leaves are off the trees, and warmer than normal air temps are making for some consistent Fall fishing. The fish are still most active midday, and have not been very pattern specific as the following posts will attest.Renegades sized #16-18, small Olives in the #18-20 range and small unweighted streamers should continue to produce throughout the week. Saturday, I spent some time with a very nice group from NCCTU, (National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited) during a club outing to the Gunpowder. The following two posts are from Alfredo, who organized and hosted the outing, and Ed, one of the participants who really understands the beauty of the river and this sport.Thanks to all for a fun filled morning!