Ed Writes on the NCCTU Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Outing…

In a follow up to my earlier post, Ed writes:

Thanks Alfredo and all for a fun day. Alfredo, your report of ‘a couple of browns’ for me was inaccurate. I ended up with just this one pictured. I believe this is an example of the rare and elusive Eastern Speckled Dwarf Trout. This specimen is full grown, quite a beauty if I do say so myself. Theaux, feel free to use this image in your trophy photo album.

Photo by Ed F

I love to catch fish. But I have to admit, the one place I care the least how many fish I catch is the Gunpowder. Every time I’m there I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else. I love it. And although my success was, uh, limited, I felt like I learned a lot. And I intend to do quite a bit of winter fishing there, I know the crowds will start thinning out very soon.

Theaux, thanks for the expertise and the flies, and I’ll see you soon at the shop. Everyone else, it was great meeting and spending a day with you. Alfredo, I have yet to see a fish at Big Hunting, if you want to prove there are indeed fish that live there, give me a call and I’d love to meet you up there.


Hat tip to Ed for his report, picture, and flyfishin’ blog.