Swimming Gunpowder Brown Trout

underwater troutI saw a SHA plow truck today on Coldbottom Rd. The plow was conspicuously absent as is the Winter weather we’re used to seeing about now. Rest assured the water is cold, (at 42F) clear, and low. Approaching fish without spooking them has been very tough. Long leaders help but staying out of the water, even the shallows and fishing as much as you can stand it from the banks is probably your best bet.This stream report and picture is care of Jeff Lewatowski of Lewscfa.com

Hey Theaux,
Here are a few pics from a great Sunday outing on the Gunpowder at Masemore and Falls Rd. Landed about 10 browns, the largest about 12 inches all on small nymphs. This was my third trip out for the week, and by far the warmest. We enjoyed good success on Tuesday and Friday while chipping ice out of the guides. Both days we managed some good fish on small dropper nymph rigs, pheasant tails and hares ears are always a good bet in 16 and 18. Trick was using just enough weight to keep a drift in the low flows without constantly hanging up. Deeper slots near riffles were productive. Our best fish was about a 15 inch brown in great fall colors. Saw some bigger fish we couldn’t get on the hook. Fished both weekdays above Falls Rd. without seeing another angler. …… Jeff