Black Flies along the Gunpowder River

The river is low, at 28 CFs clear, and the water temp is 42 F and warming quickly each afternoon. Try stoneflies early in the day in riffles and flats, particuarly along fallen trees and log jams. According to several reports this week, the little black flies are just starting to come off between Falls Rd and the Dam.
Most of these flies can be imitated with a midge cluster pattern such as a Renegade or a Griffiths Gnat in a #18-22. Brassies and midge emergers are also worth a shot. When fishing small patterns in low water, instead of using a strike indicator consider greasing up the butt, (heavy) section of your leader with silicone in the first three feet so it will be easier to detect a strike. If fish are making rings, try the midge cluster patterns, if they appear to be bulging or pushing with their backs out, switch to the midge emergers.Fish are still holding in very shallow water so limit your wading and use leaders in the 10 to 14 ft range ending in 6 and 7x.