Ring in the New Year with Backwater Angler

The shop will be open New Years Day from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM. If you should need a fishing license and trout stamp we do require check or cash for license payments. The river is low, clear and flowing at 28 CFS. Water temps reported today in the mid to high 40’s were signifigantly warmer than last week and a sign of good things to come. Small cream midges in the #20-24 range and #18-20 bead head hares ears accounted for a few fish in the upper reaches. Renegades in the #12-16 range, Foam bodied stoneflies #14-16 and Henryville Specials #16-18 are great point flies if you’d like to see the midge dropper you’ve been missing.Use plenty of 7x as the water is clear and the fish are holding in shallows waiting to ambush stoneflies on the move towards the banks. The rain coming tonight through tomorrow should help things along, especially if you’d like to fish streamers just below the feeder creeks that join the Gunpowder.

Have a safe and happy new year and please, by all means, fish more in ’07