Beginners Will Drive to Tie Flies

Many thanks to Jim and Karen for the following feedback from another successful Beginners Tying Class.

Gentlemen –
Yesterday, I attended your beginners fly-tying class, taught by Jason. It was truly a great class. I learned a bunch, tied up a few flies I am confident could actually trick a fish or two (depending on my on-the-water skills!), and had fun doing it! Jason is a fine and patient instructor.

Thanks for having the class.
Springfield, VA

…and from Gaithersburg, MD

Hi Theaux,
I enjoyed the tieing class held on Saturday, 1/6/07.
Jason’s enthusiasm and patience were great. Might I suggest (I am a teacher, therefore I am a compulsive student), that he give us a one page handout that doesn’t really need to list the steps but the materials needed to replicate the flies made in class.

Thanks a million.