Gunpowder River out of its banks at 1,220 Cfs and climbing

Thanks to USGS, we don’t have to risk life and limb giving the river a look.A historical look at peak flows will bring you up to speed on past flood events since 2000.The river is out of its banks along its length. Abandon all hopes of fishing until the river quiets down. If you’re driving up to give us a look, Take I-83 instead of York Rd if you’re travelling from the South, because Little Falls just registered a gauge reading of 1, 410 Cfs and Lower Glencoe road at York rd is currently closed. Typically, the river does clear up, even from these peak flows in just a few days. One of the best times to fish the river is as flows are dropping from the mid-300 CFs range so give it a few days, and think about all that fishing you’ll be doing in the Spring.