Gunpowder River Down from 1,700 Cfs to 195 Cfs

We’ve had a lot of water moving this week, after a major rain event on Thursday that triggered a big melt along the entire Pretty Boy Watershed we saw flow rates as high as 1, 700 Cfs in the Gunpowder river.

Distant Dam

Over the weekend, the river returned to a normal state, (Typically under 275) CFS) So, this morning at 6:15 AM the USGS gauge read 195 Cfs and the river is still dropping. As the river drops, fish become very active, so plan a few hours on the river this week, and bring some small streamers in the #6 to #10, stoneflies in the #14-16 range and soft hackles in the #12-14 along.Come on up, the waters fine.