Summer Fly Fishing on the Gunpowder River near Baltimore, Maryland

If you live, work or are visiting downtown Baltimore, consider this post a friendly reminder that you are only 35 minutes South of the Gunpowder, river, a stream that was rated in 2006 by Field and Stream magazine as a top 5 Tailwater stream. In fact the Gunpowder was just recently listed in Field and Stream Magazines’ top 150 Fishing spots. Today the Gunpowder river is flowing at 71 Cfs and the water temp is 61 F at Falls Rd. Small Sulphurs in the #18-20 range have been coming of sporadically, but most of the fish are keying in on caddis in the #16-18 range. Blue Winged Olive emergers are worth a shot, especially as passing thundershowers cloud the skies up. Ants , Beetles and small grasshoppers are also accounting for quite a few fish in the catch and release section. the lower river below Bluemount Rd. is full of gizzard shad fry so bring a few unweighted streamers with you next time you’re up.

Gunpowder River Guide Trip Brown Trout
With a gate change in the works the flow will be slowing down, ( between 34- 45 Cfs) and cooling down a bit, (44-48 F) in the next 24 hours so this weekend, plan on fishing mid-to late afternoons unless you’re a dedicated nymph fisherman.

This update was added on 6/23/2007:
as of this morning water levels are still in the 74 Cfs range, water temps are 51-58, and the water is clear.