Gunpowder River Stream Reports Aplenty…

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 74 Cfs, is 61 F and is clear.
Today we’ve heard from several anglers that are still finding Sulpurs in the morning followed by caddis and even a few blue winged olives midday. Most of these dries are in the #18-22 range. Ants and beetles are also part of the morning mix with hoppers and larger terrestrials accounting for fish during the late afternoon hours. It’s certainly hot enough for a spinner fall, so consider fishing emergers, cripples and para-spinners towards dusk till dark. Don’t leave home without 7x tippet.
Gunpowder River Caddis
Thanks to Caleb Reinhold, Matt Stephens, & Michael Mass for the following stream reports.

Last Sunday (the 17th), I came up with three if my friends and they all rented gear, Theaux might remember us. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we too saw a watersnake (black with gray stripes, if my memory serves me right) latched onto a good sized rainbow. We saw it near the second bend from the dam, where there is a small little pool on the far side of the bend and several fallen trees. I just thought you might like to know that we too saw the same thing on the same day. It sure was a crazy sight.
Keep livin’ the dream,
Caleb Reinhold

Hey guys,
Fished with a friend yesterday, (6/21). Man is the water low! Still perfectly fishable though and water temps felt good. Fished from 2:30 until 7:30 and didn’t see a hatch to speak of. Saw 3 pale sulfurs and a couple darker mayflies. Any ideas what they are? Some occasional risers but nothing major. Landed a brookie about 40 yards up from the Masemore bridge where the feeder creek comes in. When are they going to release some freakin’ water??
Matt Stephens

No luck with the unweighted nymph, but caught several with a large black ant — including a chunky 12-incher. No hatches were coming off, but the fish seemed to be looking to the surface for most of the afternoon. I saw at least three go after insects flying over the water. After seven or so the ant stopped producing and I switched to a small caddis. The caddis worked well until a little after 8.
Mike Maas