BWOs, Flying Ants, & Caddis along the Gunpowder River

The river is flowing at 34 Cfs and is low and clear. Water temp is a chilly 53 at Falls Rd this morning. We had lots of reports yesterday from anglers that picked up fish from Masemore through the Falls Rd. stretch on flying ants early, caddis in the #18-20 range midday and beetle and small hopper patterns in sizes #12-10 by afternoon.
Low Water pool on the Gunpowder River
Blue Winged Olives are showing up in the #18-22 range above Bunkerhill Rd. Small streamers continue to produce throughout the catch and release area. During the Summer months, when freestones creeks and smaller tributaries are warming, the cold, clear and stable flows from Pretty Boy Reservoir allow Native Brook trout, Wild Brown trout, and Kamloops rainbows to provide anglers from a five state area a much needed escape. Cloudy days along the Gunpowder river in the Hereford area of Gunpowder State Park provide some of the best fly fishing the state of Maryland has to offer.