Gunpowder River User Conflicts

I want to begin compiling angler reports about the river user conflicts experienced with floaters and fishermen in the catch and release section from Pretty Boy Dam Rd through Bluemount Rd. If you would like to report any incidents of floaters, (tubers, kayakers, ect…) affecting fishing or would like to express your opinion on the subject, please drop us a line at with a description of an incident. Please include your name, address, phone # and how often you frequent the Gunpowder River and what time of year the incident occurred. Anglers need to make ourselves heard if we hope to alleviate this problem in future years. Take a few moments to express your opinion.

Dropped Shoe on the Banks of the Gunpowder River

Note: Some of the responses will be used on this website and/or used in a letter to Maryland DNR and Gunpowder State Park Officials.
Thoughtful respectful responses, (no rants please) will help us lobby to make changes to prevent future river user conflicts. Thanks!