Thanks to Gunpowder regular Terry Newendorp for the following gear review on the Thomas & Thomas Horizon II 9ft 8wt 4pc fly rod.

Hi Theaux:
I’m down at my place in Florida and went snook/redfish fishing yesterday with that T&T H II you sold me a few months back. It was the second time I fished it, but the first time in wind and for 8 straight hours in the flats and mangrove swamps. It was nothing less than fantastic: I put unweighted flies right on the nose of fish 70 ft away, weighted crab and shrimp flies right in front of tailing redfish at 60 feet (right on the money, 9 times out of 10), and heavy tarpon flies (yes, we did that too) out there 60 feet into the wind – and never broke a sweat (or wore out my arm). Even the guide (an Orvis guy, through and through) raved about my rod and my precision with it – and that was only the second time I ever had it in a fishing situation! Thanks!



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