Bonefish Bound? Chota Flats Booties In Stock

Bonefishing requires heavy duty rods, tippets and hooks to catch these powerful fish. Heavy duty foot wear is essential where shallow water flats present dangers like stingrays, sea urchins and sharp coral to the wading angler. Open toe sandals, flip flops or hiking sandals leave exposed skin and may be in adequate, for anything but soft white sand flats.

The Chota Flats booties have an inseam zipper with sand guard and elastic upper to keep feet protected. The boots have a 5 mm neoprene ankle area and a 7 mm thick vulcanized rubber sole.This lightweight bootie is comfortable, and offers protection and traction on lava rock shores, reefs and grassy beds. Chota flats booties have allowed me to wade around coral and grass areas in Hawaii, Belize and the Bahamas safely and confidently. Check out these essential Chota booties on our secure site.