Airflo Fly Lines in Baltimore, Maryland

Airflo fly lines are our most popular lines in the shop and many are spooled on guide service and guide’s reels. The Airflo Ridge lines uses a design featuring small ridges, which run lengthwise down the surface of the line. These ridges raise the surface area of the line, which decreases friction and increases distance. The Airflo Ridge Line Tactical Trout Weight Forward lines also feature Airflo’s low stretch Power Core. The Power Core means better casting, because the line has no memory. This line is great for loading faster rods at short distances.The Airflo Ridge Line Tactical Trout Double Taper Fly Line is ideal for bamboo and glass fly rods.

Airflo Ridge Line

The Airflo Ridge Distance Fly Line is great for casting bigger flies and heavy nymph rigs. The long belly and no stretch core is ideal for casting small to medium flies for extra distance.

Depth Finder Line

The Airflo Depth Finder Quick Max Fly Line has a shorter 22 ft head than the original Depth Finders. The shorter head is easier to deal with than full sinking lines and is ideal for Rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna flats.