“Fins” at Backwater Angler…

This Caddy pulled into the lot late last week and after talking to the driver for a few minutes about the big beautiful cars’ suicide doors, whitewall tires, and two four barrel carbs, I realized that truly independent fly shops are cut from the same mold as the Eldorado with the stainless steel roof. Backwater Angler has now been on the Monkton scene for seven years. I’d like to thank the Backwater Angler community for their strong support that has made it possible for three full time employees, two part timers and seven guides to work at doing something we love by allowing us to teach stewardship of natural resources through fly fishing.
Caddy at Backwater Angler
With your support you have all made “the shop steps from the Gunpowder River” a fun and rewarding place to work. I’d also like to personally thank Charlie Gougeon from Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Gene Scarpula from the City of Baltimore, for their comittment to the Gunpowder river. It is through their continued efforts that the resource is thriving. Each week we see fly fisherman from Central Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and D.C. ply the waters of the Gunpowder in search of a little quiet and a few wild fish. The Gunpowder river has 18 miles of public access and this Fall 5, 030 fish per mile were estimated in the upper reaches by the latest fisheries science. We will continue to welcome¬†newcomers to the sport and to the gentleman in the big car, I hope you enjoyed your first visit.