FlyFishing for Rockfish During the Catch and Release Season on Susquehanna Flats

Thanks to Charlie Shelton for the following picture and report to round out the Susquehanna Flats Season.
Backwater Angler regular Charlie Shelton with nice Rockfish!

Hi Theaux,
A 20 lb + Striper I got on the flats on Friday (May 2) with a #8 rod and a fly I tied with stuff from your shop that LEW showed me how to tie about 3
years ago. This fish was a handfull, really neat to get him (her?) in. It was really strong when we released it, so all seemed well. I caught about
10 smaller males (4 — 7 lb) and had a large fish on (probably 15 – 18 lb) that I lost after the long initial run for reasons only that fish knows. Congratulations on your move to the new location, I will get in as soon as I can get off the Flats,
Charlie Shelton