Preakness Dry Fly Fishing

Now that folks can’t bring alcohol into the Grandstand during Preakness, consider heading for the infield of Pimilico for a cold one. If you’ve already placed your bet, (FYI: the park is also alcohol free) or try your luck on Gunpowder this weekend. You won’t find many horses in Gunpowder State Park or 90,000 people for that matter, but you will find Caddis, Sulphurs and lots of wild fish. Even with rain in the forecast, conditions will improve through the weekend as PrettyBoy Reservoir nears spillover. Water temps have been in the low to mid 50’s this week.The river is clear and flowing at 41 Cfs. Stop in while you’re up on the river and check out the new digs at 16928 York Rd. Monkton, MD 21111
Thanks to Ryan for the following stream report:


I had a great day on the river. I landed over thirty fish and missed many more. Most were between 9-12 inches but I caught two that were around 15-16. I fished from the upper falls road lot and there were plenty of sulphers coming off between 2-5 however the fish were completely ignoring them in favor of caddis. Twice I saw fish come out of the water chasing a caddis that had just popped when there was a sulpher sitting on top within a few inches. The caddis kept coming off all day almost until I left around 8:30. I took all my fish on caddis emergers and elk hair caddis. Thanks for all your help.


And thanks to Gary for this one…


Just wanted to let you know I located and fished the riffles at the location you suggested. Caught 8 and lost an equal amount in about 2hours. All were Browns and decent size but 3 were exceptional. They were heavier than long with some shoulders. I would estimate the 3 to be in the 11-12 inch range and they had to be 3 pounders…real footballs. While all of them were able to strip line, these three actually made the reel sing…way too much fun. Good waterflow.


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