Cloudveil 8X Stealth Boot

I was able to test a pair out for a few weeks in the Fall on different rivers in the region. These shoes excel at climbing up and down slabs, or inclined rocks, which are common along many Maryland rivers. The shoe is lighter in weight than a shoe with a felt sole when hitting the trail for long hikes. Under the water’s surface the soft rubber grips the rocks, and without the studs, allow a totally quiet approach to the “fishy” spots.

Cloudveil 8X Stealth Wading Shoe

I also tested the Cloudveil 8x Stealth Boot on the Salmon River in New York while steelhead fishing. The shoe worked great in the slimy bottomed river, and along slushy, snowy trails. The Cloudveil lacing system secures the achilles heel and ankle area better than any wading shoe I’ve tried. The synthetic fabric is lighter than leather and the toe of the boot features a large rubber toe bumper. I already owned a pair of Patagonia Sticky Rubber Riverwalkers, but the Cloudveils are the newest addition to my wading arsenal. The soles on both shoes are essentially the same concept, soft rubber with surface designs to aide in gripping rocks. The Cloudveil lacing system is a little different than Patagonia and provided a really snug fit. I plan to use one rubber soled pair exclusively on the Gunpowder river, along with an old set of waders, to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasives. Stop by the shop and try on a pair of these lightweight shoes.

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