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Gunpowder River Stream Report -Up and Down, Sulphurs, Caddis and Rainbows…

The Sulphurs aren’t the only things going up and down in Hereford. Water levels this week have dropped from a high on Wednesday of 346 Cfs, (think limited wading and large streamers in the upper catch and release section), to the high 170 Cfs range Friday. With a recent gate change expect the gauge to look like a zig zag line for the next day or so but water levels should still be on the downswing, and very fishable by today.
Kamloops Rainbow from the Gunpowder RiverExpect to see the river in the mid to high 100’s (Cfs) throughout the weekend. Water temps have been in the low 60’s (F) but as more water moves through river temps should hold in the low to mid 50’s (F) as spillover-warmer water coming over the top of the dam face slows down a bit. Clouds of Caddis have made the dry fly fishing exciting and Sulphurs in the #16 range are peeling off throughout the day. It’s certainly hot enough for a spinner fall so stop by and pick up some of Mike’s biot-bodied Sulphur Para-spinners and get ready for some great evening dry fly fishing. If you have dinner plans, fly fishing midday with pheasant tails, soft hackles and snow shoe emergers has been the ticket. Find a shaded riffle and you’ll increase your chances of tricking fish. Having trouble catching Gunpowder Browns? Try your luck with the 5,000 new rainbows that are now swimming above Falls Rd. These kamloops strain fingerling rainbows are taking dries with abandon.

Big Brown Trout, Great Flows and Sulphurs On The Gunpowder River

In this video short, Jason du Pont shows some aggressively “rising” trout, evening duns on the water, fishing to evening risers, and last but not least, he shares some footage of a big brown that Gunpowder regular, Matt Devlin, recently released.

The month of May offered great flows and the exciting start of our annual Sulphur hatch. In June, with water levels at an optimal level, the sulphurs are hatching in good numbers, and fish are still keying on these bright yellow to pale cream bodied bugs. Anglers focusing on specific parts of the hatch are enjoying more success than anglers intent on only fishing dries. Morning and early afternoon anglers are catching a lot of fish on sulphur emergers, wets and nymph patterns, while dry fly anglers are experiencing better success after 3 p.m. on Sulphur duns. The evening fishing has been as good or better as previous years, with spinners and Sulphur duns on the water into twilight. Caddis are a great late morning-midday dry fly, and I have had success prospecting the riffles with some patterns we recently received in the shop. With water temps warmer than usual in the mid to upper 60’s, the fish are very active in the catch and release section, as spillover is raising the water temp despite a recent gate change. While bigger browns usually come to streamers, this fish ate a subsurface fly under an indicator and measured out just under 17 inches. The bugs are hatching, water flowing and rods are bending on the Gunpowder River.

Jason du Pont