Cloudveil Inertia Peak Pants and Spinner Shirts In Stock

Cloudveil Spinner Shirt

Cloudveil’s Inertia Plus Fabric with Primeflex used on its Inertia Peak Pants and Spinner Shirts is one of the most innovative technologies offered by the major angling clothing brands. The yarns resist deformation and have NO propensity to hold water, treated with Kudos FP, 100 wash super durable water repellent. At first glance the shirts and pants appear no different than the typical multi-pocketed fishing clothing, but this fabric’s ability to repel water is closer to rain gear. Water beads on contact with the fabric and sheets off like raindrops on a windshield treated with Rain-X.

Pool Of Water

The shirt and pants allow an angler to remain cool on mild to warmer days, yet handle a brief unexpected Summer shower, which are quite common this year. Another reason for anglers on tailwaters to take note is that the icy summer flows and changing air temps create times when a long sleeve is welcome after hours in thigh deep 56 degree water, especially in the evening and mornings. The pockets on the shirt and pants add numerous places for tippet, floatant, and fly boxes for anglers wet wading or hiking into brookie tributaries. The Spinner Shirts are available in Tarmac and Spray Green; the Inertia Peak Pant in Tarmac and Covert Green, which are colors that won’t spook trout, and look good enough to wear around town.