Flyfishing with Tricos in Maryland

Tricos are Tiny
After some passing afternoon thundershowers this week, the Gunpowder river is low at 75 CFs, gin clear and 56 F. Walking across Bush Cabin run and down the trail littered with rain soaked ferns, I witnessed fresh raccoon prints in evidence and a lone box turtle shell that no longer held it’s owner. Along the riverbank, Monarch Butterflies gingerly jockeyed for posistion on tufts of Joe-Pye Weed, while bees dove into the pink masses of pollen. Songbirds were also doing their part, nervously flitting from treetop to treetop snapping at Tricos. The trout would have to wait a bit longer to breakfast. The river IS quiet this time of year, I saw more Gunpowder Guides on the river this morning than Herons and Kingfishers combined. I’m happy to report that they were all smiling.

As Summer wanes, I hope that you’ll find some time to make your way down to the river and do a little early morning Trico fishing. We’re now open at 8:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays through August and have some beautiful reverse hackled and Trico spinner patterns in the muffin tins on the front counter. We’ll also have piping hot coffee and pastries from the Filling Station so stop on in if you get a chance. We have select discontinued Scott and St. Croix fly rods on sale and many used fly rods and reels from a local estate including rods from Sage, Thomas and Thomas, Scott and Orvis.

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