Trico Hours at Backwater Angler Extended…We’re open at 8:00 AM Saturdays and Sundays through September

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 68 CFs is 56 F and is gin clear. I walked upstream on the trail Monday evening after work and found dozens of fish rising to a steady midge hatch. Pushing through the big ferns and spiderwebs that framed the overgrown trail, I passed only two other anglers before finding dozens of fish taking midges with abandon. The Herons were conspicuously absent. A lone Kingfisher quietly weaved and bobbed through the Sycamores. Moving quickly upstream, the bird, intent on taking everything in, shared only a trill that bounced through the mist that softens the big boulders and jams this time of year. Leaves littering the trail and coloring the river tell me that Summer is fleeting, so, consider spending a little time outside along the river…you could be doing far worse thing with your time.
Getting an earlier start? Jason du Pont just dropped some Trico patterns that have proven to be effective along the Gunpowder River.
Please stop by the shop the next time you’re up on the river and give’em a look.