SAGE ZXL Fly Rod Review

The following is a review of the SAGE ZXL Fly Rod by Terry Newendorp. Thanks Terry!

The smoothness and lightness of this rod belies the strength it has to both get your heavy, weighted nymph rig out there, and to land that 23 incher once you’ve hooked it. I have used the Sages since the SP and then the SLT series, and never thought there would be any good reason to add a new one to my inventory – but this one is so wonderful in your hand and so responsive with either size 22 dry or a nymph rig, and so powerful in the butt to fight the fish, that it really is a winner. (And my really big Colorado brookie was only one of many _21″ trout that were hooked and landed with my 5 wt 9′ version of this rod.)

Terry Newendorp