Tricos, Caddis and Streamers along the Gunpowder River.

After a bit of rain in the area, the Gunpowder is clear, 56 F and is flowing at 70 Cfs. Tricos are still part of the morning mix and are heaviest from Masemore upstream through the Falls Rd access points. By mid-morning, caddis in the #16 to 18 range are coming off in riffles throughout the catch and release area. If it warms up a bit over the weekend, plan on fishing the last of the hoppers in the meadow stretch between Bunkerhill and York Road. Small streamers are always a good bet this time of year-especially in the shallow flats full of leaf litter and branches where the young of the year hide from the fish we’d all like to catch.

Thanks to Bob R. for the following stream report,

Hey T,

Didn’t make it to shop yesterday. Arrived at the river at 11:30 (I live 4 hours drive away.) and thought it better to get right down to the water. The tricos I had been hoping for were long gone for the morning, but there was a rise here, a splash there and pop now and then in water as a thin as an anorexic starlet. I rigged up a 14 foot leader with a 7x tippet and tied on a tiny bwo, which got one trout’s attention but I noticed a green caddis coming off. That and the splashy rises was enough for me to switch to a #20 Henryville Special. The trout were looking up from 11:30 until around 1:30 and the little caddis imitation caught their attention. For some reason though, they slapped at it, splashed at it and did everything but get hooked. For every fish I released there were three that I missed. Los of action. By 1:30 I took six fish. One measured 13, perhaps 14 inches and had a honey-colored belly. another was a true 10 inches with the others smaller.

From 1:30 to 3:00 the action slowed and I switched to a Prince nymph, figuring it looked like a caddis pupae. No wright, fishing upstream, I took 3 more fish, one 12″ really surprised me as it was lying in an inch of water or so it seemed.

Great Day.

Thanks for getting me off my ass and back on the water.


We have two titles from Bob R in the shop describing fishing in Western Maine and fishing an unnamed stream and river populated by faeries.

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