October Gunpowder River Stream Reports…

Following are a few October Gunpowder river stream reports from Backwater Angler regulars:

Thanks to Jeff Aicroth for the following report:

Was fishing at Big Falls upstream Sat and on my way out in the evening I came across a silver-ish wading belt on the trail. I’ll drop it off at the shop next time I come by. If anyone reports it missing – it has been found. Streamers and caddis seemed to be the ticket Sat afternoon (as predicted). Thanks. Saw a pair of trout rise to my strike indicator at the pre-corner pool – one even took a light sip at it before turning away. Nothing natural comes in a mix of Biostrike chartreuse and pink but they were definitely interested. Another hit on the indicator when I was drowning a pheasant tail with no success. Gotta get a hook in that thing. Maybe gunk up a Mcfoam bug and see if that works.
Other than that I fooled several fall fish in my travels. Also had a hit on my line /leader connection in a fast moving chute – not sure what that fish thought it was – but he wanted it. A worm maybe… who knows… Later on, letting the caddis hang in the current while I was talking to Carl , (who was fishing the same area) resulted in no less than 3 strikes. (We talked for a good while…) Nice guy. He’s very pleased with his Sweet-Grass rod, by the way. It is a thing of beauty for sure.
Anyway, I’ll swing by and drop off the belt.
Tight lines…we’ll be talking soon.


And thanks to Gary Corriero for the following report…

Fished the upper section yesterday from 11am to around 4pm. There were bluewings, caddis and tricos coming off and the fish were actively feeding…all the bugs were small…20-26 range…nothing feeding on the top. I didn’t catch anything big but switched to a streamer and picked up 6 nice rainbows (small footballs) all in the 6-8 inch range. The rainbows were all holding in the fast riffles and the extra water was perfect cover for them. The water didn’t turn brown until the end of the day.