Fresh Steelhead in a Fly Fishing Report from the Salmon River, NY

Thanks to Gary Corriero for the following fly fishing report from the Salmon River, NY.
Fly Fishing along the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY

Hey Theaux, Jason,
A couple of pictures from my trip to New York’s Salmon river week ending 10/31. I purposely moved the trip up a week to avoid November’s bad weather. As you can see by the first picture…it didn’t work out the way I planned. That’s the 7wt Scott E2 and Lamson Velocity reel you sold me last year. I didn’t break out the new 6wt Scott S4 because the water was running high and I needed a bit more power to control the fish. Despite the weather, not all days were bad, we did fairly well landing over 25 and losing far more. There were also some fresh Atlantic salmon still coming in. The second picture is a beautiful chromer fresh in from the lake. The fish were feeding on sucker spawn and pink san juan worms!! You know I don’t tie flies so you should have seen some of my “creations” of the san juan…a hook strategically placed in the middle of a 2 inch piece of pink yarn…hey it worked!

I did fish the top section of the Gunpowder on Sunday, 11/9. You can just ditto Jason’s report on the tricos and add bluewings. Fished from noon to 4pm and about every 30 minutes or so there would be a “cloud burst” of tiny tricos and bluewings. Emergers in both groups were working well and I caught over a dozen nice fish in the 6-8 inch range. I had a couple of big rips from fish that felt heavy but I missed them. The water was low but it was nice to be on the river.

See you guys soon,

Gary S. Corriero

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