Sweetgrass Rods at Backwater Angler

I just spoke to Dave at Sweetgrass Rods in Twin Bridges, MT and he said that we, in the East, have much to be thankful for…at the time were talking about the Blue Point Oysters that Gunpowder Guide Bill Wolf dropped off before the thanksgiving holiday, (thanks Bill) and Dave mentioned that I was lucky to live so close to the ocean. I immediately started thinking about all of the wonderous trout water he was so lucky to live next to; the Beaverhead, the Bighole the Ruby, the Jefferson, well, you get the idea.
Sweetgrass Rods
This is a photo Dave sent along during our ramblings of some of the reel seat spacers that Sweetgrass offers. Two hex, (six-sided) bamboo rods shipped from Twin Bridges today and should arrive in the shop early next week. They are both 7′ 9,” 4/5 wt, 3/2, (that is 7 ft 9 inch rod for a 4 double taper or 5 weight forward floating line, in 3 pieces, with 2 tips). The rod with a half-wells grip fitted with a nickel silver downlock teak spacer, (C-1), is spoken for, the other, with a cigar grip, and fitted with a nickel silver downlock Birdseye Maple spacer, (pictured on the left) is up for grabs. Pricing for Sweetgrass 3 pc. bamboo rods is $2, 500. Please give us a call at 410-357-9557 or drop us a line at info@backwaterangler.com to discuss this rod or any other Sweetgrass fly rods that catch your fancy.

Personally, I’m thankful that these guys are still building beautiful rods and have sentiments like this expressed on the Sweetgrass Fly Rods website.

It is our intention to do our share to preserve the traditions of a unique American craft. In an age where time is money and more cheaply produced outsourced goods rule the corporate world, we believe there is still a place for quality craftsmanship done the old fashioned way. What we build will have a heart, soul, and spirit connected to our sense of history, community, and obligation to the resource that makes what we do possible.