It’s Christmas Time in New Orleans… BWO’s on the Gunpowder

After a good soaking rain yesterday, I stopped by Masemore Rd access today on my way to the shop to check out how all of this rain during our latest flash flood advisory has impacted the Gunpowder river. I am happy to report that I found an empty parking lot, lots of clear, cold, water, and a river full of willing fish. The Gunpowder river is clear, 48 F, and is flowing at 87 CFs and is on the rise. Roughly one thousand miles away and a good bit closer to the equator, it’s snowing in New Orleans My mom just called me from my hometown of Covington, Louisiana to report almost 6″ of snow in her yard. She said that; the street looked like a Rockwell painting, her Maine Coon cats were catching snowflakes and that she was not venturing off the side porch today. When it rains this time of year in North Baltimore County, Maryland, the old timers stopping in the shop often exclaim, “well, we’re lucky it’s not snow…” or, “you don’t have to shovel rain.” An optimistic angler from DC just rang us a few minutes ago and wanted to know how the river was fishing. Two of our guides spent some time yesterday on the river, one nymphing small pheasant tails behind an attractor nymph , the other waiting until it warmed up a bit to cast some Blue Winged Olive patterns in the #18-22 range to rising fish. Both greeted me with big smiles after coming off the water yesterday and are likely at it again this morning…our man from DC is on his way up, how will you spend your afternoon?

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