Locally Tied Fly Patterns In Maryland

Gunpowder browns are known to eat a variety of fly patterns, but when a hatch gets going they tend to look at flies a little longer, before inhaling one. Backwater Angler always has a variety of local patterns tied throughout the year, and the stoneflies have arrived! The patterns that is…. although I did see a few before it got so cold this week. 
Locally Tied Fly Patterns
 New York Fly Tyer and Hunting Guide Mike Bachkowsky, has tied these quill wing and deer hair stoneflies the past six years for Backwater Angler. He lives on the banks of the Delaware River, so these flies are a spot on match, as shown in the pic in the previous post with the Gunpowder natural and fly on my rod grip.  Gunpowder Guide Dave Smith tied both CDC and Z-lon winged stoneflies, and said they really produce with K-flash rib, oversized hackle and a little twitching action on the surface.